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Silver and Gold Raised Business Cards

Raised Silver and Gold Business Cards with Velvet Lamination   Introducing our new 450gsm Velvet Lamination Business Cards We've now improved on our previous 400gsm Matt Laminated Business Cards and added a heavier weight card and a super luxurious Velvet...

Scodix Digital Enhancement

So, what is Scodix? Scodix is a raised UV varnish that is used to highlight a key area of a printed image. Scodix is a digital enhancement that is printed on top of the image after the laminating process. The applications for Scodix are endless and it creates prints...

What is CMYK or Offset Printing

In this post we will dive a little deeper into the world of CMYK and Offset Printing. The aim is to strip it down and simplify what this means in terms of your print job. CMYK broken down stands for C for Cyan (blueish colour), M for Magenta (pinkish colour), Y for...

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